To avoid chemical fertilizer pollution, organic fertilizer making machines are essential

The traditional chemical fertilizer industry is a typical occupation with high energy consumption and high pollution. It uses coal, oil and natural gas as raw materials and consumes a lot of water and electricity in the production process. It is worrying that chemical fertilizers not only consume a lot of non renewable resources, but also cause agricultural pollution and reduce the quality of crops. Organic fertilizer making machine alleviates the problem of chemical fertilizer pollution.
The organic fertilizer industry has been developing continuously for many years, but it still needs some time to popularize it. In order to popularize organic fertilizer in agriculture, we must first popularize the organic fertilizer making machine.
organic fertilizer making machine

The harm of excessive use of chemical fertilizers

Due to the excessive amount of agricultural fertilizers, agriculture is becoming an important part of ecological environmental pollution. The water, soil, and atmosphere are no longer burdened by chemical fertilizers, and many water pollution incidents in some countries and regions have revealed chemical fertilizers.
A survey by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences shows that the amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied in China now far exceeds the demand for food crops, and the average amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied in many areas exceeds the world-recognized upper limit of 225 kg per hectare.
Excessive and improper use of chemical fertilizers creates power and waste of resources. Together with ecological environmental pollution, it also reduces the return of chemical fertilizer inputs by 50% to 60% in 30 years, resulting in reduced quality of agricultural products, increased food safety issues, and agricultural pollution. Cumulative effect.
Even if the high-quality compound fertilizer processed by the fertilizer production line is used, it cannot completely solve the soil problem. Therefore, the promotion of organic fertilizer manufacturing machines has a great impact on the food production of all countries in the world.

More application of biological fertilizer and organic fertilizer will help to change the thinking method and sowing method of agriculture. The drum granulator processing high-quality fertilizer can greatly provide production benefits. Organic agriculture is a sustainable development path.