Brief introduction of organic fertilizer manufacturing process project

For the breeding industry, livestock manure has become an obstacle to its sustainable development. The construction of animal manure organic fertilizer production line is an important way of harmless and resource utilization of manure. Fertilizer products have many disadvantages, and the proportion of organic fertilizer in the market is gradually expanding. From the perspective of environmental protection and soil conservation, the construction project of organic fertilizer manufacturing process is very worthy of investment by investors.

Manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process
According to the different regional environment, there are many kinds of livestock and poultry in the breeding industry, but for the processing of organic fertilizer, the technology used is the same. No matter the cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process or the equipment of chicken manure organic fertilizer purchased for the chicken farm, the equipment is basically the same. The basic organic fertilizer manufacturing process equipment includes fertilizer granulator machine, fermentation compost turner, crusher, screening machine, dryer, air conditioner, etc. At most, the water content of some animal feces is large, which needs to be dehydrated before fermentation. Therefore, for organic fertilizer enterprises, purchase a set of organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment, which can process and make all kinds of livestock manure, which is also conducive to the treatment of small-scale breeding enterprises' manure, and also expands the source of raw materials for fertilizer enterprises.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer products in circulation in the market. From the technical support of production process, each fertilizer will be more or less different from the formula to the process, which needs to be adjusted according to the needs of equipment procurement. We are fertilizer machine manufacturers in China. We have optimized the composting technology and granulation process, so that a manure organic fertilizer production line can produce various types of organic fertilizer, such as the most basic common organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, and even biological bacterial fertilizer, so as to save investment in the whole organic fertilizer manufacturing process project. Moreover, the organic fertilizer production line can adjust the product trend according to the market demand at any time, and adapt to the diversified market demand.