Price of granulating equipment for biofertilizer production process

Compared with common organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer has more advantages in efficacy and mechanism of action. The continuous renewal of biofertilizer production process and granulating equipment has also promoted the continuous improvement of new fertilizer, thus effectively improving the soil environment, improving the soil fertility, reducing pests and diseases. Here is a brief introduction to the new type fertilizer granulator.

In the production process of granular biofertilizer, the equipment of fertilizer granulator machine is the most important one among all the equipment. The quality and yield of granulator are closely related to the reasonable selection of granulator. Since the fertilizer is made into particles for sale, it needs a good appearance so as to be convenient for use; and the yield of fertilizer is directly related to the production cost. From the perspective of enterprises themselves, they naturally hope to get the maximum benefit at the minimum cost.

There are many kinds of granulating equipment for biofertilizer, from the traditional disc pan granulator and rotary drum granulator to the improved combined granulator of our company. Every update and development is to meet the requirements of new fertilizer development. All kinds of granulators not only have more and more applicability to materials, but also meet the granulation demand of all kinds of materials, and greatly improve the quality and yield of particles. Our combined granulator (organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulator) is a combination of drum granulator and string-tooth granulator, with higher production efficiency and lower material requirements.
organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulator

There are various granulating equipment for biofertilizer production process, so customers can choose and buy reasonably according to their own pelletizing needs. Due to the different principle of each model, the production materials consumed are also very different, so the price of fertilizer granulator machine is from thousands to tens of thousands. If you want to know more about the details of each equipment, you can contact us, we will give you the most satisfactory service and the most favorable price.
biofertilizer production process equipment