How to solve the problem of crusher in fertilizer manufacturing

According to the experience of fertilizer machine manufacturers for many years, we have summed up several possible reasons for the abnormal phenomenon of the crusher equipment. If there is any abnormal phenomenon in the crushing equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process, the equipment failure shall be solved according to the following possible problems. Hope to help you!

1. Other parts of the crusher may have broken the chain. The probability of this phenomenon is relatively small, but we can not ignore this problem. If this happens, we must replace the broken parts in time. Then check if there is any impact on other aspects of the organic fertilizer crusher. After ensuring that there are no problems, the fertilizer manufacturing process can continue to work. For the organic fertilizer crusher equipment, if there is abnormal sound, it must not be ignored, otherwise it may cause irreparable damage to the equipment. No matter any abnormal situation occurs, we should solve it in time, and can't crush the manure compost of livestock under the condition of damaging the equipment.

2. The internal fasteners of the organic fertilizer crusher are loose. If the parts fixing the lining plate are loose, the gap between the hammer and the lining plate will be reduced, resulting in the collision between the two components. If not repaired in time, it will accelerate the wear rate of hammer and lining plate, and even cause serious damage to the equipment. So once this happens, we need to tighten the liner. At the same time, observe the wear of lining plate and hammer piece, and replace them if necessary.
organic fertilizer crusher

3. There are sundries in the crushing chamber of the organic fertilizer crusher. It is possible that some other hard foreign matters are mixed in the feeding process of the fertilizer manufacturing process, so that the foreign matters will collide with the hammer, lining plate or inner wall in the crushing cavity with the operation of the crusher. At this time, the fertilizer machine manufacturers suggests that you can shut down the machine first, clean up the foreign matters in the crushing chamber, and then start the machine.