Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Technology and BB Fertilizer Blender

Compound fertilizers can be divided into two categories. One is compound fertilizer, the nutrient composition of each fertilizer granule is the same as that of the whole fertilizer. That is to say, the nutrient composition of each fertilizer particle of compound fertilizer can represent the total nutrient composition of compound fertilizer. The other is bulk blending fertilizer (BB fertilizer), which is made of a variety of different basic fertilizer granules by mechanical mixing. The nutrient composition of single granule of mixed fertilizer is not consistent with that of the whole fertilizer. Fertilizer granules with different nutrients compose mixed fertilizers. Therefore, in the bulk blending fertilizer, there is only the problem of granulation of the basic fertilizer.

BB Production Equipment and Processing Technology
In the process of automatic batching, each proportioning and weighing belt conveyor is coordinated and controlled, and all kinds of fertilizers are conveyed to the belt conveyor according to the set proportion.

BB fertilizer blender is designed according to the characteristics of compound fertilizer plant and BB fertilizer production line. Its production efficiency can reach 1-10 tons per hour. The structure of BB fertilizer blender uses lifting tank feeding and mixer to load materials, and there is almost no waste of materials. BB fertilizer blender is the core equipment of BB fertilizer production because of its small size, high production efficiency and low price.
Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Equipment

Packing machine
Packing machine packs the special compound fertilizer that has been quantitatively blended into bags, which can be sold as BB fertilizer products.

Because the BB fertilizer production equipment is simple, the investment is low, the processing cost of bulk blending fertilizer production equipment is low, and the processing method is flexible, so bulk blending fertilizer can be adjusted quickly according to different formulations. Especially in the United States and other regions, bulk blending fertilizers are widely used. In the United States, the service range of BB fertilizer production equipment is usually within 10-50 km. When we use BB fertilizer production equipment to process fertilizer, we also need to consider the local market demand, in order to maximize the benefits of fertilizer production.