NPK Fertilizer Production Line Produces Compound Fertilizer Granules by Roller Press Granulator

With the continuous development of science and technology, the demand for chemical fertilizer in agriculture is getting higher and higher. For different crops, different regions and soils, the demand for fertilizer is different. In order to meet the actual needs of crop growth, in NPK fertilizer production line, fertilizer manufacturers should test soil and apply fertilizer, prepare special fertilizer, and use professional NPK fertilizer production process to produce compound fertilizer with multiple nutrients.

Roller press granulator is a widely used fertilizer granulator in NPK fertilizer production line. This fertilizer granulator plays an important role in compound fertilizer production. Roller press granulator uses physical extrusion to make powder into elliptic particles. Roller press granulator greatly promotes the development of compound fertilizer extrusion granulation, and promotes the extrusion granulation process of NPK fertilizer production line.

Production of Compound Fertilizer Granules by Roller Press Granulator
The characteristics of raw materials have a great influence on the granulating effect of roller press granulator. The roller press granulator can be used in granulation production of ammonium carbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, vegetable, ammonium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium silicate and zinc sulfate, as well as granulation of NPK compound fertilizers such as organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer.
roller press granulator

On the other hand, the temperature of raw materials has a great influence on extrusion forming. In the extrusion process, the friction between particles will generate heat and increase the material temperature. Generally speaking, the increase of temperature is conducive to the smooth completion of the extrusion process and the strength of the sheet. However, too high temperature will also bring adverse effects, especially when processing urea-based fertilizer materials, too high temperature will make the materials adhere to the roll.

The roller press granulator designed by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer adopts normal temperature extrusion granulation process, which can better maintain the characteristics of raw materials without affecting fertilizer efficiency. In order to avoid the fertilizer bonding roll, the roll body of the roller press granulator is refined with a new type of metal which is anticorrosive, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, and the equipment is durable.