Characteristics of organic fertilizer granulating machine for fertilizer production

The characteristic of organic fertilizer machine is that the fermented organic fertilizer improves the soil and is easy to absorb; Rich in organic matter and humus, improve the ability of nitrogen fixation of phosphate fertilizer, melt water, promote the absorption of plants; It can stimulate the growth of root system, promote the absorption of nutrients, and effectively improve the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Manure fermented by organic fertilizer equipment is a kind of nutrient rich organic fertilizer, which contains a lot of organic matter and high content of three elements. Organic matter content was 25.5%, nitrogen content was 1.63%, phosphorus content was 1.54%, potassium content was 0.85%.
fertilizer granulator

Organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of low energy consumption, less land occupation and flexible application. It adopts small and intensive design, and its land occupation is the same as that of organic fertilizer equipment with the same output, which greatly saves the land occupation and improves the flexibility of application.