Compost turning machine of chicken manure bio organic fertilizer production equipment

Chicken manure is a kind of high quality organic fertilizer after processing by bio organic fertilizer production equipment. If the chicken manure is directly applied to the farmland without treatment, the roots of the crop will be burned, and various pathogens, parasite eggs and grass seeds in the chicken manure will pollute the surrounding environment. It is an important way to treat chicken manure by fermenting chicken manure, and using organic equipment such as compost turning machine.
compost turning machine for bio organic fertilizer production equipment

Chicken manure bio organic fertilizer production fermentation
Firstly, add appropriate amount of straw to the chicken manure, and adjust the water content according to the degree of moisture of the chicken manure. The water content of chicken manure fermentation is generally about 45%-65%, that is, grasp a handful of materials with hands, fingers sewn with water but not dripping, loose hands will be scattered. Then add bacteria, increase the beneficial microorganisms of the material, and accelerate the fermentation of chicken manure.

The prepared materials are uniformly put into the fermentation tank, which can compost materials according to batch fermentation. It occupies a small area and ferments quickly. Chicken manure can be heated up one day and deodorized in two days. After one day of composting, the temperature gradually rises, up to 60-80℃. The high temperature kills the harmful substances such as Escherichia coli and insect eggs.

Bio organic fertilizer production equipment-compost turning machine
When the temperature rises to 60℃, the compost turning machine must be turned over. The compost turning machine is specially designed for material dumping in the fermentation tank. The compost turning machine realizes automatic mechanized dumper. The material dumps evenly, the dumper output is large, and the manual labor is saved. Moreover, the compost turning machine moves on a fixed track, consumes less energy, ferments materials in batches, and has high production efficiency.

Fermented chicken manure bio organic fertilizer is full of white mycelia and has a liquor yeast flavor. Such chicken manure organic fertilizer through organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler and other equipment processing, that is, high-quality commercial biological organic fertilizer.