Organic fertilizer production line disc granulator

The organic fertilizer production line consists of processes such as crushing, mixing, granulating and packaging. The granulation process is a key process in the organic fertilizer production. The granulation is mainly composed of fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooler, belt conveyor and dust removal system. Fertilizer granulator is the main equipment for granulation processing, and its productivity, granulation rate, particle strength and grain type directly affect the quality of the final product. The disc granulator is a kind of granulation equipment commonly used in organic fertilizer production line. It can not only produce organic fertilizer, but also complete the production of compound fertilizer.

Disc granulator for organic fertilizer production
The disc granulator is mainly composed of a granulation disc, a spray system, a transmission device and a bracket. The powdery material is fed into the granulating disc in the granulator by a scraper, and the inclined rotating disc drives the raw material to rotate. When the material is brought to a certain height, it is separated from the disk by the action of its own gravity and inertial force and slides along the curved track to complete the rolling required for granulation. At the same time, the liquid injected by the spray system is evenly sprayed on the rolling material to agglomerate the material into particles. Fertilizer is continuously added to the disc, and the formed particles cross the disc under centrifugal force to complete granulation.
disc granulator for organic fertilizer production line

The granulated granules are then dried and cooled by the organic fertilizer production line and screened, which is a high-quality commercial organic fertilizer. This organic fertilizer can not only supply fertilizer to crops, but also add beneficial microorganisms to the rhizosphere soil of crops, so that crops can achieve high quality and yield.