How to Produce Compound Fertilizer by Adding Organic Matter to Disc Granulator

Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is a compound fertilizer which collects organic matter and inorganic fertilizer. Composition of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is diversified, which can not only provide crop nutrients, but also improve soil biological activity to improve soil and fertility, so it is widely used in cash crops.

Organic matter in organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is an important component, its content directly determines the actual effect of bio-organic compound fertilizer, so the granulation process of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer production line is particularly important. The organic fertilizer disc granulation production line can realize the treatment of a whole set of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. For the disc granulator, the addition of organic matter is also the key to granulation.

Raw material for disc granulator
According to the actual situation, several materials with abundant raw materials, low price and convenient treatment can be selected as raw materials of disc granulator.
Organic fertilizer: chicken manure, pig manure, peat, plant ash, etc.
Inorganic fertilizer: urea, ammonium sulfate, calcium superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, etc.

disc granulator for organic compound fertilizer production
Organic fertilizer has strong water absorption and looseness, and its water content, fineness and other factors will have a greater impact on pelletizing, so organic matter plays a major role in the production of disc granulator. On the premise of keeping inorganic nutrients such as compound fertilizer unchanged, increasing organic matter input is an important way to improve the quality of biological compound fertilizer. However, the dispersibility of organic matter is strong, which has a great impact on granulation. The excessive content of organic matter is not conducive to the production of disc granulator. The experiment shows that in the organic fertilizer disc granulation production line, the organic matter dosage is about 25% - 35%, which can obtain better granulation effect. The process of organic fertilizer disc granulation production line is suitable for the production of granular organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.