How to Deal with Bearing Failure of Crusher in Fertilizer Production Equipment

Fertilizer crusher is a machine that crushes raw materials into powder suitable for granulation when processing organic and inorganic fertilizers by fertilizer production equipment. Bearing is one of the most important parts in crusher. Its performance directly affects the normal operation and production efficiency of fertilizer equipment. In the process of using fertilizer crusher, improper operation may cause bearing failure of the crusher. Users should pay special attention to the heating of bearings and the noise of bearing parts, and deal with abnormalities as soon as possible.

Bearing Failure of Fertilizer Crusher
1. Two bearing seats of fertilizer crusher are uneven, or the motor rotor is not concentric with the crusher rotor, which will cause the bearing to be impacted by extra load, thus causing the bearing to overheat. In order to avoid bearing damage of fertilizer crusher, it is necessary to stop and troubleshoot immediately.

2. Fertilizer crusher bearing excessive lubricating oil, too little or aging will cause overheating of the bearing, resulting in bearing damage. Therefore, according to the requirements of the operation instructions, we should add lubricant in the crusher on time and quantitatively to prolong its service life. General lubrication accounts for 70-80% of the bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer.

3. Over-tightening of the bearing cover and shaft, over-tightening or over-loosening of the bearing and shaft will lead to overheating of the bearing. Because the bearing parts of fertilizer crusher are too tight, it causes the bearing heating problem. In the operation of fertilizer equipment, the crusher will produce friction noise and obvious swing. At this time, the bearings should be removed, the friction parts should be repaired, and then reassembled as required.