Configuration of farm sheep manure organic fertilizer production equipment

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production equipment is mainly suitable for the harmless use of sheep manure, to achieve resource recovery and utilization, to achieve recycling processing of green organic fertilizer. The organic matter content of sheep manure can reach more than 50%, which is a kind of nutrient rich organic fertilizer.
farm sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production equipment configuration

1. Low configuration
Small powder sheep manure organic fertilizer production line, its overall equipment price is low, investment is not big. Required equipment common small organic fertilizer equipment: organic fertilizer high moisture material crusher, mixer, granular fertilizer roller screening machine, fermentation tipper, small conveyor, packaging machine equipment.

2. Medium configuration
Small granular sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment, in addition to the basic equipment required for low configuration, it is also necessary to add NPK fertilizer granulator equipment, organic fertilizer drum dryer equipment, organic fertilizer cooler equipment, coating machine, packaging machine equipment, etc. .

3. High configuration
Medium and large pig manure organic fertilizer equipment. This kind of equipment is generally used in professional organic fertilizer manufacturers, and it is characterized by large output and larger output of fertilizer granulator. Compared with the small-scale organic fertilizer production line, the automation level of the entire production line has been greatly improved, and the overall equipment performance has also been improved. The required equipment is basically the above equipment, only the change of equipment capacity and automation degree, but these have a relatively large impact on the price.

There are three kinds of equipment configuration of sheep manure organic fertilizer: high, medium and low. The price of low configuration is relatively low. The production process equipment of high configuration organic fertilizer is more, and the investment is more. In addition, the investment in a set of sheep manure organic fertilizer equipment can also be determined according to the output and degree of automation.