How to use dewatering equipment to produce organic fertilizer from sludge manure

After most of the water in sludge and feces is removed, it can be used for fermentation to produce organic fertilizer. Dewatering is a key process in sludge and excrement recycling. Its effect directly affects the volume of compost, the quality of compost products and the treatment cost of separating liquid. So dewatering sludge and manure by dewatering machine is the first step to produce organic fertilizer.

Specific Measures for Treatment Sludge and Manure by Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment
Specific measures are to add organic polymer coagulants to these materials, then solid-liquid separation, and then use the dehydrator to dehydrate the concentrated and separated excess sludge, feces and floating matter. In this way, the amount of excess sludge can be reduced and the dewaterability of dewatering raw materials can be improved.

Sludge dewatering machine treatment process
The sludge and manure are treated by coagulant in coagulation tank. Then the treated sludge and feces are put into the dewatering machine. When the solid part is separated from the coagulation tank, the separated water can be treated in the biological treatment process, while the solid part can be dewatered by the dewatering machine. Coagulants are organic polymers, which contain cationic or non-ionic organic polymer coagulants. At the same time, in order to change the properties of excess sludge and feces and further improve the dehydration of raw materials, inorganic coagulants containing iron, aluminium and calcium can also be added to the remaining raw materials.

Dewatering machine
dewatering machine
The dewatering machine is used for dewatering high humidity materials such as sludge, feces and residue. It can be used as an organic fertilizer production equipment for pre-composting material treatment. This kind of dewatering machine works at low speed, produces less vibration and noise, less equipment wear and failure, easy maintenance and low power consumption. The dewatering machine raw materials are rich in organic matter and can be composted into organic fertilizer. The operation method is obvious: Processing of pig manure organic fertilizer.