The development of organic fertilizer granulator equipment is inseparable from product quality

Due to the vigorous promotion of organic fertilizer in recent years, organic fertilizer equipment has also been well developed and has broad prospects in the future. Only by improving the quality of organic fertilizer making machine can we improve the production quality of organic fertilizer, and only by adding new fertilizer granulation machine and advanced technology can we get good fertilizer products.

In order to do well in line with the sales quality of organic fertilizer, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry, we must start from the source of quality. As an organic fertilizer production line manufacturer, we have been adhering to the concept of being brave to accept challenges, continuous innovation and reform, as well as providing reassuring products and meticulous service as the service concept, striving to be the leader of organic fertilizer production line enterprises.

Among the three ways of fertilizer granulation, disc granulator is more suitable for the granulation of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, and the effect is ideal. Disc granulator is mainly composed of granulator disc, injection system, transmission device, support, etc. The rotary drum granulator is suitable for the granulation processing of organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer in large fertilizer plants, and is widely used in various industrial fields.
organic fertilizer granulator equipment

The maintenance of organic fertilizer is also one of the measures to improve the good operation of
organic fertilizer equipment. Only when the quality of the equipment is up, the quality of the product will be improved. There is also the choice of raw materials. Only good raw materials can produce high-quality organic fertilizer. The manure of livestock and poultry is not only an important raw material for making organic fertilizer, but also can participate in the work of biogas power generation.