Why to choose extrusion pelleting equipment for NPK compound fertilizer manufacturing process

The compound fertilizer extrusion granulator uses spiral, two-way rolling, two-way mold, and two-roll granulation, but it is essentially different from other granulation equipment. The granulator makes the organic material achieve continuous, high-speed and intense in the granulation zone. Rolling and shearing promote the physical granulation pressure between the powder and granular material to be obviously strengthened.
The organic fertilizer manufacturing process adopts this method, the granulation effect is 2-3 times higher than that of the conventional extrusion granulator, and the power consumption is reduced by more than 60%.
 fertilizer extrusion pelleting equipment

Features of NPK compound fertilizer extrusion pelleting equipment:

Double roller granulator frequency conversion PID operation feed automatic control system, ensure the granulation system produce high power and stability, can be widely used in sugar mill filter mud, alcohol, starch, animal husbandry and other enterprises, organic waste production organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and other commodity granulation.
Because of the combination structure of multiple granulation skills in the granulation area, the granulation function of organic fertilizer is obviously strengthened, so that the granulation of organic fertilizer has become one of the rapid, low consumption and granulation methods with development prospects in modern industrial granulation skills. It is a unique advantage of similar fertilizer granulation equipment and has an advanced level in the production of organic fertilizer pelleting.