Development status and Prospect of bio organic fertilizer


Development status of biological organic fertilizer

At present, all countries in the world pay close attention to the sustainable development of agriculture, and are increasing the development, production and application of biological fertilizer and organic fertilizer. It can be believed that biological fertilizer and organic fertilizer will gradually become the hot spot of fertilizer industry production and agricultural material consumption, thus creating good conditions for the industrialization of green food and organic food. Through the organic fertilizer production equipment, the organic wastes such as crop straw, livestock and poultry manure are transformed into bio organic fertilizer under the function of beneficial microorganisms, which makes it harmless and resource-based, and solves the worries of planting and breeding industry. The processing of fertilizer granulator machine also increases the added value of livestock and poultry products, which is a matter of one stroke. At the same time, straw returned to the field through the action of non pathogenic microorganisms to improve the soil organic content, improve the physical properties of the soil, increase the soil microorganisms, organic fertilizer products make the soil loose and easy to cultivate, reduce the occurrence of diseases, pests and weeds.
bio organic fertilizer

Prospect of bio-organic fertilizer

The correct use of bio organic fertilizer can improve the yield and quality of agricultural products. Organic fertilizer has good ecological and economic benefits. Therefore, the industrial production of bio organic fertilizer will produce good economic and social benefits for livestock and poultry breeding, fertilizer processing and planting. In addition, the application of organic fertilizer granulator and other equipment can fundamentally solve the air, water and soil pollution caused by organic waste, and make agricultural production go on the road of sustainable development.

In the process of bio organic fertilizer production, we should pay attention to the industry standards of organic fertilizer production, especially the detection standards of antibiotic residues and heavy metal residues. These will directly affect the survival of existing enterprises, and also promote the technological upgrading of enterprises. When processing organic fertilizer products, we use disc fertilizer granulator or organic fertilizer granulator and other equipment to make the compost into special commercial fertilizer particles, so as to improve the product value.