Difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer


What is chemical fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are quick acting and exist in many forms, such as liquid and particle. Chemical fertilizers are water-soluble, and plants can immediately absorb nutrients. Although this provides a fast nutrient and fast greening, it will not last. Only organic fertilizer can maintain plant growth all the time.
Chemical fertilizer can promote plant growth rapidly, but it has little effect on stimulating soil life, improving soil texture and improving long-term soil fertility. They can seep into the water, but the quick results come at a cost, using too much can burn your lawn and your crops.
Because the nutrients of single chemical fertilizer are too simple to be suitable for crop growth, the current compound fertilizer is diversified. Most fertilizer plants use disc fertilizer granulator to process all the powder into granules.
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What is organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is good for plants and soil. If used properly, it will not burn or damage plants. Organic fertilizer stimulates soil microorganism and improves soil structure. Soil microorganisms play an important role in transforming organic fertilizers into soluble nutrients that can be absorbed by plants. Organic fertilizers usually provide secondary and micronutrient needs, but not in synthetic fertilizers.
The content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in organic fertilizer is lower than that in chemical fertilizer, but it can keep the soil fertility longer. Therefore, the effect of organic fertilizer on plants is usually more subtle. It may take a while to see the results, but the reward is that plants get nutrients for a long time, and the soil retains its fertility.
After the fermentation of organic waste, it should be treated by crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, etc. to become organic fertilizer.

With the continuous development of science and technology, it is difficult for pure chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer to fully meet the requirements of the actual growth of crops on different levels of soil. Therefore, it is necessary for fertilizer plants to use fertilizer granulator machine to produce a variety of different types of organic fertilizer compound fertilizer, improve soil quality, reduce environmental pollution, increase fertilizer efficiency.