What are the unique functions of bio organic fertilizer?


1. Improve soil nutrient supply

Microbial fertilizer mainly promotes the dissolution and release of insoluble nutrients in soil through various bacterial agents. At the same time, due to the release of a large number of inorganic organic acids during the metabolism of fungicides, which can effectively break the soil hardening, promote the formation of aggregate structure, make the invalid fertilizer fixed by the soil into effective fertilizer, improve the supply of nutrients in the soil, ventilation status and the degree of looseness.

2. Promote crop growth

The use of microbial fertilizers promotes the production of stimulants, plant growth regulators, and regulates and promotes the growth and development of crops. The use of microbial agents can promote the production of gibberellin, auxin and other active substances. In industry, bio-fertilizers and organic matter are usually mixed and processed, and fertilizer granules are made using organic fertilizer granulator. Fertilizer plants often use disc fertilizer granulator to process biological fertilizers.
bio organic fertilizer

3. Enhance the resistance to disease and stress of crops

Some strains of microbial fertilizer can secrete antibiotics and a variety of active enzymes, which can inhibit or kill pathogenic fungi and bacteria. At the same time, a large number of field experiments have proved that the application of microbial fertilizer can reduce the incidence of diseases and insect pests and enhance the stress resistance of crops.
Biological fertilizer has certain control and inhibition effects on cotton yellow wilt, rice blast, wheat powdery mildew, stem rot, vegetable Damping off, bacterial wilt and so on. A large number of experiments show that microbial agents can effectively inhibit the occurrence of some kinds of nematodes. At the same time, it has obvious effects of drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance and salt alkali resistance, which can enhance the disease resistance of crops and effectively prevent the occurrence of physiological diseases of crops.

4. Improve output and quality

Using microbial fertilizer can improve the content of vitamin C, amino acid and sugar in agricultural products, effectively reduce the content of nitrate, make the agricultural products delicious and good-looking, and sell at a good price. It can increase crop yield by 20-30% in different ways.

Biological fertilizer contains many kinds of beneficial microorganisms and has unique growth effect on crops. So how to make high-efficient and high-quality biological bacteria fertilizer? We have many years of experience in the development of a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment, which can practice the production line of bio organic fertilizer.