Organic fertilizer is the recycling and reuse of nutrients in agriculture

With the increase of fertilizer application and crop harvest, the amount of organic fertilizer has also increased. Organic fertilizer is the recycling and reuse of nutrients in agriculture. Although a large number of chemical fertilizers are used in agricultural production, the proportion of organic fertilizer input is relatively small, but the total input of organic fertilizer plays an important role in crop production. Organic fertilizer production equipment plays a major role in the supply of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer not only contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic carbon nutrients, but also provides a considerable amount of medium and trace elements, amino acids, nucleic acids, sugar, vitamins and other organic nutrients.
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Organic fertilizer raw materials

The raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer are widely available. Organic waste (including livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, all kinds of factory processed leftovers, etc.). These organic wastes are made into organic fertilizer to realize the recycling and reuse of nutrients in agriculture

Main material: refers to the main raw material of composting production, which usually accounts for 30-80% of the material proportion, and is composed of one or several raw materials. The main materials commonly used are livestock manure, crop straw, animal and plant residues, agricultural and forestry wastes, municipal sludge, etc.

Auxiliary materials: the necessary materials for regulating the physical and chemical properties of fermentation compost. They come from agricultural wastes, including sawdust, peat, waste rod, shredded materials of crop straw and grain shell with high degree of fiber (lignification), humic acid, amino acid and other acid regulators.

What are the complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment

What machines do you need to make organic fertilizer? What are the steps and processes for making organic fertilizer? The production and processing of organic fertilizer are mainly fermentation composting and granulation. Need to compost turner machine, fertilizer granulator machine, crusher, drum screening machine, rotary dryer, cooling machine, packaging machine and other equipment. Fermented compost is powdered fertilizer after crushing and screening, which can be sold directly. The further processing of organic fertilizer is granulation, and the core equipment is organic fertilizer granulator.
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