Disc granulator solves the problem of industrial production granulation

In the field of cement, coal powder, fertilizer and other industrial production, the pelletizing of powder or small pieces of non cohesive materials can not be separated from the disc granulator. Disc granulator plays an irreplaceable role. Its rationality and advanced nature make it not only popular in the fertilizer industry, but also stand out in the similar granulator equipment, and has a wider application field.

Structure of disc fertilizer granulator

The structure of the disc granulator is mainly composed of the main body, the main reducer, the motor and the transmission part. Compared with the traditional equipment, the disc granulator is more scientific and unified, and can perform its own duties to complete the pelletizing work. Built in high-strength fiberglass, the overall arc design structure and three discharge outlets meet the needs of large-scale or large-scale granulation and ensure high granulation rate.
disc fertilizer granulator
These structural optimization will improve the performance of the disc granulator to a new height, which has the characteristics of uniform particle size, stable operation, and the reduction of weight and height is convenient for the use of operators. The machine only needs a few people to complete all the work, effectively reduces the labor intensity, has strong flexibility, is suitable for the wide use of NPK fertilizer production line, and can meet the needs of large materials granulation.