How to solve the common troubles in the installation of disc granulator

Due to many defects in the structure of the traditional fertilizer granulator machine, it is difficult to play the granulating function of the equipment normally, and it is easy to have various technical operation problems. The disc granulator not only integrates the advantages of similar equipment, but also makes a new improvement and improvement in the structure, in order to better apply to the field of materials. The main body angle of the disc granulator can be adjusted, which is composed of the disc body and the disc section, effectively reducing the power consumed by the motor operation, and ensuring that the ball output is not damaged. Each structure of pelletizer has clear division of labor and remarkable function.

After purchasing NPK fertilizer production line, fertilizer manufacturers will inevitably encounter various obstacles in the commissioning and installation when installing and debugging the pelletizer equipment by themselves, and the problems encountered by different types of disc pelletizers are also different. How to solve the problems of sudden and equipment failure faced by users in the process of debugging and installing granulation equipment? Professional disc granulator manufacturers to list common troubleshooting.
disc fertilizer granulator

Common problems of disc fertilizer granulator

1: The granulation particles are different in size. The solution is to adjust the position of the scraper appropriately, make the scraper deflect, and adjust the interval distance of the scraper at the same time.

2: The output of pelletizer is low, and it is easy to block. The disc is often blocked. This kind of situation is usually caused by the abnormal work of water treatment logging. The solution is to check whether the water valve has the effect of reducing pressure. Whether the drainage of water adding device is normal. Proper increase of water temperature is beneficial to the balling degree of pelletized materials.

3: The motor current difference between the big gear and the small gear is large, which makes the drive belt too tight, resulting in low pelletizing output. The solution is to measure the voltage and power of the two motors of the disc granulator and adjust the drive belt.