Matters for using organic fertilizer equipment

After purchasing the organic fertilizer equipment, it is not possible to use the organic fertilizer production line directly after it is assembled. It must be operated by trained personnel, and professional organic fertilizer equipment personnel can carry out safe production in the future use. At the same time, professional maintenance personnel are indispensable, so that when the equipment fails, it can be repaired immediately. In the face of a variety of problems that may arise in the organic fertilizer production equipment, there should be corresponding methods. In the production of equipment, we must pay attention to the safety in order to work under the security guarantee. Here are three items that should be paid attention to when using organic fertilizer equipment.
organic fertilizer production equipment

1、 Master equipment performance

Be familiar with the operation method, maintenance essentials, production capacity and application scope of organic fertilizer equipment, and the functions of all controllers and alarm devices of the equipment. Understand the whole process of organic fertilizer production line, including organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. At the same time, the staff should carefully read the warning instructions, and pay attention to the safety accidents that will occur when the equipment continues to operate under the conditions of low pressure and high temperature.

2、 Familiar with operation procedures

The safe production of the organic fertilizer production equipment depends on the operation of the operators and the mastery of the technical performance of the equipment. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each operator to be familiar with and master the operation requirements of the organic fertilizer equipment. The operator should discuss such problems with the management personnel, have preventive measures, and solve the potential accidents at the work site.

3、 Check before startup

Before starting the organic fertilizer equipment, make sure that the protection device is safe and undamaged, check whether the oil system is normal and whether there is oil leakage, especially the fertilizer granulator machine, check whether the components in the organic fertilizer equipment are firmly installed, etc., and make sure that the equipment has no hidden dangers before starting.

After purchasing the equipment, it must be equipped with special operation and maintenance personnel to be able to use it. Safety is the top priority of production, and only the production carried out under the condition of ensuring safety is good.