Effect of coated fertilizer produced by NPK fertilizer production line

Coated fertilizer is a NPK compound fertilizer widely used in agricultural production. It is popular among farmers for its low cost and high fertilizer efficiency. When NPK fertilizer production line makes compound fertilizer, the treatment of coating machine is added, which greatly improves the effect of fertilizer on crops.
Effect of coated fertilizer
The controlled-release time of coated controlled-release fertilizer is long, and the fertilizer effect can be as long as two months to one year. NPK coated fertilizer can promote root growth, make crop emerge quickly and mature early, solve the problem of crop fertilizer shortage due to severe drought, and create favorable conditions for high yield of various crops. NPK coated fertilizer can be used in the production of many crops. The yield of rice, wheat, peanut, maize, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and lawns has been greatly improved.
When processing the coated fertilizer, the NPK fertilizer production line uses a variety of nutrients such as humic acid as the coating layer, and the fertilizer is coated by the coating machine. The coating layer can greatly reduce the loss of fertilizer and soil fixation, and greatly improve the utilization efficiency of fertilizer. The proportion of NPK and its trace elements in coated fertilizers processed by NPK fertilizer production line is determined according to the demand of crops and the conditions in different soils.
When we use NPK fertilizer production line to process coated fertilizer, we can produce special or general coated compound fertilizer for crops. This special NPK compound fertilizer has high fertilizer efficiency. The application amount should be reduced according to the specific conditions of crops and soil. The time interval of fertilization should be determined according to the length of controlled release period of fertilizer. Therefore, when farmers use coated compound fertilizer, the production cost is reduced.
coated fertilizer of NPK Fertilizer Production Line
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