How to produce organic fertilizer using fertilizer equipment

Organic fertilizer is made from straw, weeds, leaves, green manure, peat, garbage and other wastes, which are fermented with animal manure. Industrial production of organic fertilizer is to use fertilizer equipment processing, control composting fermentation at a certain temperature, humidity, C/N ratio and ventilation conditions, artificially promote the transformation of organic matter into stable humus. Fermented compost is processed by fertilizer equipment, which is the organic fertilizer we need.

Raw Material for Organic Fertilizer Production
Chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure and other animal manure,
Municipal sewage treatment plant sludge,
Crop straw, soybean meal, cotton meal,
Food processing plant waste, cassava residue, sugar residue, distiller's grains, vinegar grains,
Paper mill waste, kitchen waste.

Production and Fermentation of Organic Fertilizer
Fermentation composting is the first step in the production of organic fertilizer. Fermentation agent was added to animal manure to produce high temperature during composting and fermentation. The harmful substances such as bacteria, insect eggs and other harmful substances were completely eliminated under high temperature environment, and the maturation of composting materials was accelerated. Organic fertilizer fermentation is aerobic fermentation, which requires sufficient oxygen in the production process. We often use trough compost turner or windrow compost turner to assist fermentation in the production of organic fertilizer. The compost turner mixes the material sufficiently, increases the oxygen in the material, and ensures the organic fertilizer fermentation to proceed smoothly. Fermented compost is brown or black-brown in color, with alcoholic or almost odorless odor. And some compost materials contain white mycelia.
how to produce organic fertilizer using fertilizer equipment

Producing Organic Fertilizer with Fertilizer Equipment
Fermentation compost can be used as raw material for organic fertilizer finishing. We use fertilizer equipment to make high levels of organic matter into the various organic fertilizers we need. The organic fertilizer produced by fertilizer equipment mainly has the following treatments: crushing, batching, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening and packaging.
produce organic fertilizer using fertilizer equipment
Granulation is the key treatment for fertilizer production. It mainly uses organic fertilizer granulator to make granules of raw materials. The smooth spherical shape improves the practicability and effect of organic fertilizer. We mainly use fertilizer equipment: half-wet material grinder, batching system, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, drum cooler, drum screening machine, packing machine.