Organic fertilizer equipment production of manure compost organic fertilizer elements

When organic fertilizer equipment produces organic fertilizer, the raw materials should be composted first. In the composting of manure, some parameters are the key to the quality of organic fertilizer fermentation.

1) C/N ratio: The C/N balance of compost mixture is the key factor for microorganisms to achieve the best biological activity. The C/N ratio of compost mixture should be kept at 25-35:1.

2) Humidity: Organic fertilizer fermentation is aerobic fermentation. Aerobic composting should generally be maintained at 40% - 70%. Pay attention to the periodic detection of the humidity of compost mixture, too high or too low will reduce or stop the composting speed.

3) Acidity and alkalinity: The acidity and alkalinity are related to the type of composting materials and vary with the process of composting stage. If need to be adjusted, alkaline or acidic substances can be added before composting.

4) Temperature: We should pay attention to the detection of composting temperature. The composting temperature is over 55 C, which is conducive to microbial fermentation and killing pathogens.

5)Odor: Odor is an indicator of composting operation. Decay odor may mean that compost is changed from aerobic to anaerobic. The subtle aroma of the wine means that the fermentation is complete.
Organic fertilizer equipmentOrganic fertilizer fermentation
The length of composting time is related to C/N ratio, humidity, temperature and additives. It usually takes only 14-30 days in summer for a well-functioning batch fermentation reactor or or a trough fermentation reactor. The composting time of fermentation in complex container is shorter, but the cost of fermentation in container is higher. The raw material of organic fertilizer production equipment are composted, the organic fertilizer produced is high-efficiency and pollution-free.