Equipment of dairy cattle manure treatment organic fertilizer

Now we can see that many dairy farms, chicken farms and other farms are going to buy organic fertilizer equipment. Why? First of all, because the organic fertilizer production equipment can treat the manure of livestock and poultry into organic fertilizer, which fundamentally solves the pollution caused by the manure of livestock and poultry, so that the environmental problems in the farm can be solved. In addition, the organic fertilizer produced can not only be used on its own land, but also be sold, and the profits from the sale can be As the circulating fund of the farm, and the organic fertilizer has been proved to have a very good regulating effect on the soil through experiments, and can also protect the soil from being damaged and nutrient loss, which is the benefit that the organic fertilizer equipment can bring to people.

With the increasing use of organic fertilizer equipment, how to choose a suitable and economical organic fertilizer production equipment?
organic fertilizer production equipment
1. There are two common factors in purchase. The price of organic fertilizer equipment that customers first consider, but the utilization rate of equipment is often not valued. In fact, the utilization rate is also valued for users to purchase equipment, and whether the utilization rate reaches a reasonable value investment. Take the organic fertilizer equipment price, quality and utilization rate as our solution.

2. Secondly, for farms or fertilizer processing enterprises, it is inevitable to choose a complete organic fertilizer production line whether it is powdered organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer. There is a big gap between the price of the complete set of organic fertilizer equipment and the initial processing investment price. The complete set of organic fertilizer production line includes organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, dryer and other granulation processing equipment.

3. Different use methods of organic fertilizer equipment are different, and the manufacturing process and products are also very different, so we should first consider what we are mainly used for, and then choose the equipment. Many users are mainly used for making granular fertilizer, and some are used for composting, so the use is different for different purposes. If we want to improve the quality of soil, then we can choose multi-functional organic fertilizer granulator, which can meet our use of organic fertilizer processing, and the price is cheap, and the operation is very convenient.