How to judge the quality of cow manure organic fertilizer granulator

There are more and more kinds of cattle manure organic fertilizer production equipment. There are various kinds of fertilizer granulators. There are also more and more factories producing and operating organic fertilizer equipment, such as disc fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and flat die granulator. However, with so many organic fertilizer production equipment entering the market, how do consumers decide whether the equipment is good or not when they buy it?

Judging whether the fertilizer granulator is good or not can be judged from the surface observation of the equipment, the sound rule in operation, the trial processing of the product organic fertilizer, and the rationality of the fertilizer processing technology.

1. Look at the products: there are particle size standards for organic fertilizer particles, and the particle size within the range of difference indicates that the organic fertilizer equipment is relatively reliable.

2. Look at the table: fertilizer granulator machine appearance observation, surface treatment fineness, welding treatment, riveting treatment, etc. From the outside, the appearance of the joint is close, and the engagement degree.

3. Listen to the sound: the organic fertilizer equipment can be tested during the inspection stage, and the sound judgment during the test is natural, continuous and regular. There are rules naturally, and the equipment reliability is relatively high.

4. Technology: the quality of organic fertilizer production technology has a significant impact on product quality.

5. Distinguish its taste: in the production of fertilizer equipment, there is basically no strange taste in the room after the dust remover. If there is no pungent smell such as dust smell generated by granulation, it indicates good environmental protection.
fertilizer production equipment

Any industrial equipment and machinery need to be maintained regularly, especially the routine maintenance, which is extremely important and critical. Organic fertilizer granulator is no exception. In order to make this practical and durable granulator have a longer service life and help more users who need it to obtain satisfactory use effect. We suggest that when using the machine, do a good job in daily maintenance to make the product function better.