How to Improve the Performance of Half-wet Material Crusher

In the process of organic fertilizer equipment, there are many factors affecting the performance of half-wet material crusher, among which the crushed compost material is also an important factor affecting the crushing performance. The following is an analysis of the influence of the water content and the pulverization particle size of the organic fertilizer raw material on the performance of the half-wet material crusher.
Raw material types for organic fertilizer equipment production
The brittle material is easier to crush than the tough material, and the material with less fiber content is easier to crush than the material with more fiber content. The bran and rice husk in compost are more difficult to crush because of their high fibre content. The more difficult the crushing material is, the lower the crushing output is, the higher the power consumption of the half-wet material crusher is, and the worse the crushing performance is.
Raw material moisture content of half-wet material crusher
Material with low moisture content is easier to crush, and the higher the moisture content, the more difficult to crush. Organic fertilizer equipment half-wet material crusher allows material moisture to reach 25-50%, but the lower the moisture content of organic fertilizer, the better, more convenient for the processing of organic fertilizer equipment.
Granularity of finished product after crushing of organic fertilizer
The finer the particle size of the finished product, the lower the output of the crusher, the higher the power consumption, the greater the crushing difficulty and the worse the crushing performance of the crusher. That is to say, the energy consumption of the half-wet material crusher will increase sharply and the productivity will decrease sharply when the material is crushed to a smaller size. Half-wet material crusher is mainly used for the first half of the organic fertilizer production equipment. The compost crushed by the half-wet material crusher will be further processed by chain crusher. Therefore, the crushing granularity of the half-wet material crusher does not need to be too fine, it mainly plays a preliminary crushing role.