Common faults and solution of bucket elevator

The common faults of bucket elevator are mainly chain offset and bucket pull-out.
The main reason of bucket elevator chain deviation is that the guide groove of the lower guide wheel is stuffed with material and the chain slips out. On the other hand, the natural wear and elongation of the chain in production results in the distance between the upper and lower guide wheels not matching the length of the chain. Bucket elevator is used in the production of compound fertilizer. A small amount of material adhered to the hopper falls off due to slight vibration in the operation of the equipment, falls into the guide groove of the lower end of the steering wheel, and then is extruded by the chain and bonded to the guide groove. After the material accumulates gradually, the guide groove is filled and the chain slips out.

1. The most effective way to solve the above problems is to avoid material falling into the guide groove of the guide wheel. The bucket elevator designed by our company adopts an inflow feeding mode without hopper excavation, and there are few extrusion and collision between materials, which ensures that the material of the bucket elevator is seldom scattered during feeding and unloading, and greatly reduces the cleaning frequency of the lower guide wheel.
bucket elevator

2. The wear and elongation of bucket elevator chain can be solved by adjusting the distance between guide wheels and shortening the chain. Bucket pulling is mainly due to the accumulation and agglomeration of material at the lower end of the elevator, resulting in a smaller space at the lower end of the bucket elevator. Once the massive object falls into the bucket, it will pull out the hopper. Therefore, in daily maintenance, we should often clean up the accumulated materials, ensure the lower end space, and reduce the accident of pulling hopper.

3. Finally, ensuring the uniform feeding of bucket elevator can also play the role of preventing pulling out the hopper. There are two main reasons for the material accumulation at the lower end of the bucket elevator: one is that the residual material in the hopper falls down by vibration; the other is that the feeding is too fast to exceed the transport capacity of the elevator. Therefore, pay attention to uniform feeding when conveying materials, it help to maintain bucket elevator.