Fermentation process of bio organic fertilizer production

Countries all over the world pay close attention to the sustainable development of agriculture, and the development, production and application of bio organic fertilizers have become a trend. In the process of bio organic fertilizer, beneficial microorganisms are used to accelerate the utilization of organic wastes and other resources, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by organic wastes. Bio organic fertilizer projects are gradually developing towards multi-function, and different formulations are developed according to different soils and crops.

Technological process of bio organic fertilizer
Animal manure, rice husk, crushed straw and leavening materials were mixed and deodorized with compound microbial leavening agent. Material accumulation and fermentation, the turner machine turns the material, the fermented material obtains sufficient oxygen. Then appropriate air and water were provided to create suitable conditions for high temperature fermentation. When the temperature of material heap rises, the high temperature kills the seeds of insect pests and weeds. The decomposed materials are crushed by the crusher, and the impurities are removed by the screening machine, which is then sent to the fertilizer granulation production line for processing. Organic fertilizer can be made into bio-organic fertilizer by spraying bacterial liquid, granulating, drying and other processes.
bio organic fertilizer production line
Features of the bio-organic fertilizer process
The bio organic fertilizer production line was used for processing and aerobic fermentation of poultry and livestock manure.
Make full use of resources to treat wastes harmlessly, turn wastes into treasures, and produce organic fertilizer odorless.
Using organic fertilizer production equipment, the fertilizer production cycle is short.
Simple operation, convenient management and low energy consumption of production line.

The production of bio-organic fertilizer must go through fermentation, crushing, granulation, screening process, and the addition of appropriate amount of beneficial microorganisms. Therefore, there are higher technical measures in the treatment of bio-organic fertilizer production line.