Fertilizer types that the bio organic fertilizer plant can produce

In the industrial production of bio-organic fertilizer, a large number of animal manure and agricultural organic wastes are fully utilized and converted into high-quality bio-organic fertilizer by scientific methods. Bio organic fertilizer factories solve the waste of resources and environmental pollution. The bio organic fertilizer is a total nutritive fertilizer mainly composed of organic matter, which is beneficial to improving soil structure and balance, increasing soil nutrient content and improving agricultural product quality. Using the organic fertilizer production line, fertilizer factories can process these organic fertilizers into different types of high-quality commercial organic fertilizers.

1. Bio organic fertilizer. The fermented compost is processed through the organic fertilizer production line to obtain the commodity. The main purpose of bio organic fertilizer is to increase soil organic matter, which is especially beneficial to cash crops such as vegetable fields, melons and fruits, fruit forests and tobacco. The amount of bio organic fertilizer is more than 300 kg per mu.

2. Microbial fertilizer. Using bio organic fertilizer as raw material, microbial functional bacteria (such as azotobacter, phosphorus bacteria, potassium bacteria, antibiotic bacteria, etc.) were added to the production. The mixed materials were granulated and processed to obtain microbial fertilizer.

3. Organic-inorganic microbial compound fertilizer. Bio-organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer (NPK fertilizer proportioned according to crop needs) and microbial functional bacteria are combined to produce compound fertilizer or special fertilizer. The proportion of the mixture is made into granular form to produce organic-inorganic microbial compound fertilizer. These compound fertilizers and special fertilizers can also be used for sale in other places.
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