Fertilizer equipment-rotary drum screening machine

Rotary drum screening machine is a kind of fertilizer equipment which divides loose materials into different granularity levels. Because the size of the material in the fertilizer production line is different and contains powder, it is necessary to screen out qualified fertilizer particles, and the screening machine completes this treatment. Drum screener affects the appearance of fertilizer products.

Fertilizer equipment - structure of drum screening machine
The drum screening machine is composed of screen, motor, reducer, inlet and outlet ports, etc. The cylinder body is connected with the main shaft, the main shaft is connected with the output shaft of the reducer through the coupling, and the cylinder body rotates around the capacity provided by the reducer. When the fertilizer particles enter the screen, they roll with the rotation of the screen. The unqualified material passes through the screen mesh, and the qualified particles enter the outlet along the screen mesh to separate the finished product from the returned material.
fertilizer equipment of rotary drum screening machine

Screening efficiency of rotary drum screener is high. Screening screen can be used to screen materials with continuous rolling. The production capacity can reach 1-20 t/h, and the material screening is uniform. The rotary drum screening machine specially developed by our factory has good screening effect, can achieve remarkable economic benefits, and is conducive to the safe production of the whole fertilizer production line. Compared with other types of screening machine, drum screening machine has a longer maintenance cycle, which reduces the overhaul workload of screening equipment and the overhaul cost. The drum screen has the advantages of simple structure, low energy consumption, simple operation and maintenance, which overcomes the problems of poor screening effect and material blockage of traditional screen, and reduces the production cost.