Organic fertilizer production equipment-Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Our factory specially developed organic fertilizer granulator for organic fertilizer production. Organic fertilizer granulator plays an important role in the production of high quality organic fertilizer from waste materials. In addition to the organic fertilizer granulator, the organic fertilizer production equipment also has compost turning machine, crusher, screener machine, rotary dryer, packing machine and the like.

Organic fertilizer is made of agricultural waste, livestock and poultry manure, domestic waste, etc. The raw materials include plant residues, animal manure, kitchen waste, etc. It has low cost and high returns. Organic fertilizer plays an important role in promoting the safe and clean production of agricultural products and protecting the ecological environment. Organic fertilizer is very beneficial to the production of pollution-free, safe and hygienic green food, and is the main source of fertilizer for the production of green food.
organic fertilizer production

The new type organic fertilizer granulator designed by us uses wet granulation technology to make the compost from fermented straw manure into spherical granules, which makes the fertilizer convenient for storage and use.
organic fertilizer granulator
Composition of organic fertilizer granulator: cylinder, granulation rotor, transmission part, outlet and outlet.

After the material enters the organic fertilizer granulator, it is continuously pushed by the granulating rotor and transferred with the cylinder to achieve the purpose of granulation. Organic fertilizer granulator has simple structure, convenient operation and high granulation rate, which can realize continuous automation production. Organic fertilizer granulator is widely used in biochemical fertilizer plant, feed plant and aquaculture farm. It is a kind of important fertilizer granualtor for organic waste treatment.