Organic fertilizer fermentation process and compost turning machine

Feces after fermentation can effectively kill pathogens, parasite eggs and weed seeds in the feces, and prevent the occurrence of diseases, insects and weeds. Manure is the main raw material for making organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer has good effect and strong effect. Organic fertilizer contains biomass and other components, which can enhance the adaptability of crops to adverse environment and enhance the stress resistance of crops. Organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, improve soil water holding capacity and reduce the ineffective evaporation of water. Various humic acid substances transformed from organic fertilizer can improve the activity of peroxidase and enhance the drought resistance of crops.

Fermentation technology of organic fertilizer production makes waste materials such as manure and agricultural straw into available fertilizer through organic fertilizer equipment. The utilization rate of these wastes is improved and the production process of organic fertilizer is completed. Fermentation technology of organic fertilizer is the first step in organic fertilizer production and the key to organic fertilizer production. The quality of compost fermentation determines the content and quality of organic matter in organic fertilizer. Industrial composting fermentation, the use of organic fertilizer equipment to turn the materials, greatly improving the fermentation efficiency and composting quality.
organic fertilizer fermentation equipment

The fermentation process used in modern organic fertilizer production is usually tank fermentation. Compost turning machine is the core equipment of tank aerobic composting fermentation. In composting fermentation, we use organic fertilizer equipment to complete fermentation treatment. The trough compost turning machine has quantitative dumper function for the material in the fermentation tank. The trough turning machine has matching feeding and discharging devices and fixed track on the fermentation tank to realize the automatic production of the compost fermentation machinery.

Tank compost turning machine integrates the functions of mixing and turning, and can loosen and mix the materials accumulated in the fermentation, and move the lower materials to the outside, which provides conditions for the standardized production and automatic control of the aerobic composting system.
Trough compost turning machine