Fertilizer production technology of coating machine

The coating machine coats the fertilizer in the fertilizer production, so that the fertilizer nutrient release rate is synchronized with the crop nutrient absorption process, thereby improving the fertilizer efficiency. Coating process of fertilizer production can delay the release of fertilizer initial nutrients, prolong the effective period of plant nutrient absorption and nutrient sustained release.

Production technology of fertilizer coating machine
The production of fertilizer coating machine should follow the principle of sufficient uniform contact. In the case of a certain coating material, a long coating time means a small amount of material, and each time the film material and the binder are used in a small amount, the film material and the binder can be sufficiently contacted, and uniformly wrapped in the particles. If the coating time is short, the single use of film material and binder increases, and can not fully contact, reducing the compactness and hardness of the coating. Therefore, the longer the processing time of the coating machine, the better the coating effect, but the longer the production time, the higher the production cost. The optimum production time should be adjusted in order to achieve the best coating effect and save the cost of fertilizer production.

Application of coated fertilizer
The coated granular fertilizer has long fertilizer effect and a slightly slower fertilizer effect, and is generally suitable for use as a base fertilizer. The coated fertilizer with good controlled-release effect can be properly combined with conventional fertilizer, and can be used as base fertilizer in one time before cultivated land or sowing. No topdressing is needed during the whole crop growth period. For different soil types, coated fertilizer should be applied preferentially in soil, because its slow-release performance can effectively prevent the loss of fertilizer, and is conducive to improving fertilizer utilization.
Fertilizer production coating machine

Use of the coating machine
Sulphur and polymer are commonly used as coating materials in the production of coater. Among them, polymer coated fertilizer has the best slow and controlled release effect. In order to achieve an ideal controlled release effect, sulfur can be used as coating material by coating machine, and then paraffin, asphalt or polymer can be sprayed on the surface of fertilizer particles for secondary coating. The process of coating machine in fertilizer production is relatively simple, the nutrient composition of coated fertilizer is easy to adjust, and the nutrient release rate is easy to adjust. Coating machine has broad prospects for development. The processing of coating machine is conducive to the storage and application of fertilizers.