Production technology of humic acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

The organic-inorganic compound fertilizer refers to a compound fertilizer produced by the process flow of organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer, which using the treated organic matter and inorganic fertilizer as main raw materials. Humic acid is the main organic matter in humic acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, and other substances such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are added in the mechanical processing. The nutrient utilization of this compound fertilizer is higher and it has the effect of fertilizing the soil.

Humic acid is a kind of macromolecule compound formed by the decomposition of dead animals and plants by microorganism and chemical action. It widely exists in peat soil, peat and lignite. Humic acid contains a variety of active groups, so it has the properties of acidity, hydrophilicity, cation exchange and physiological activity. Humic acid can stimulate the root growth of crops, make the root system developed, absorb nutrients, plant growth and stress resistance. Humic acid contains important elements such as carbon, nitrogen and sulfur needed by crops, so it can be used to process and produce corresponding organic fertilizers. The humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer containing various nutrients can be produced by adding nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients to the processed materials containing humic acid, such as peat soil. Humic acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer can absorb nutrients which can not be directly absorbed by crops. After biotransformation, the nutrients quickly become available and absorbed by crops.

Treatment of humic acid organic fertilizer raw materials
Mix humic acid raw materials (such as peat, peat soil, brown sugar pool mud, etc.) with livestock manure, add 15% ammonia water and fermenting bacteria, mix and put the material into the fermentation tank, and turn it over by the compost turning machine during fermentation. After the fermentation is completed, the humic acid organic raw material is obtained.

Technology of humic acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer
Crushing and mixing: The fermented compost and inorganic fertilizer are crushed. Mix organic, inorganic and other nutrients in proportion.
Granulation: The mixed compound fertilizer powder is fed into the combined organic fertilizer granulator, which makes the fertilizer into granules.
Drying and cooling: Particles formed by granulator enter the dryer. Humic acid organic fertilizer particles are dried to 10-20% moisture content. Then the dried particles are sent to the cooler, and the particles are cooled to normal temperature.
Screening: Screening machine screens out inappropriate particles, qualified particles into the coating process.
Coating: Coating machine uses organic vegetable oil as coating material to coat humic acid compound fertilizer granules.
Packaging: The finished humic acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer can be directly packaged and stored.
acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer production line

Characteristics of production technology of humic acid organic-inorganic compound fertilizer
The organic compound fertilizer produced by this process can produce some enzymes and organic acids in the soil, so that the soil has good ventilation and permeability. Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer production line has strong continuity, easy operation and low production cost.