How fertilizer equipment turns agricultural organic waste into organic fertilizer

Fertilizer production equipment processes crop straw, livestock manure and other wastes into organic fertilizer and returns them to the field, which is conducive to the development of organic agriculture and the reduction of the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other products. Organic fertilizer equipment has strict requirements in production, processing, transportation, sales and other links. Organic fertilizer products have high economic value. They have unique advantages in ensuring food safety and promoting the healthy development of the ecological environment.

Fermentation composting of agricultural organic wastes
Agricultural wastes such as straw contain a large amount of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, which is one of the important organic resources in agricultural production. Fermentation composting technology of straw has the function of eliminating germs, insect eggs and weed seeds. Fermentation decomposition of agricultural organic wastes is a process of microbial activity. It is necessary to compost high-quality organic fertilizers, and to control water, oxygen content, temperature, carbon-nitrogen ratio and acidity and alkalinity. It is better to control the moisture content of compost at 60%-70%, decomposition temperature at 25-65℃, carbon-nitrogen ratio at 25:1, and alkaline substances such as lime or plant ash can be added in the organic fertilizer production. During the fermentation period, the compost turning machine regularly turns over the materials, controls the fermentation speed and improves the fermentation quality through mechanized and uniform turning.
turns agricultural organic waste into organic fertilizer

1 crushing of raw materials
2 ingredients
3 mixing
4 granulation
5 drying and cooling
5 packaging
organic fertilizer equipment

Equipment of organic fertilizer production line

The advantage of modern agriculture is that fertilizer equipment transforms agricultural waste into organic fertilizer. The processing of organic fertilizer production line equipment is conducive to the construction and development of agricultural ecological civilization.