Bio-organic fertilizer types and bio-organic fertilizer production equipment

We can simply divide bio-organic fertilizers into three types. Different types of fertilizers have different production processes and need different bio-organic fertilizer equipment.

Bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer, which is made of agricultural, industrial and animal husbandry wastes or organic waste, municipal sludge, fermented and processed by beneficial microorganisms. Bio-organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter, a large number of living beneficial microorganisms and microbial metabolites, as well as microbial inoculants and organic matter. The number of living bacteria is determined to be more than 200 million/g, and the content of organic matter is more than 35%.
bio-organic fertilizer production process

We can roughly divide bio-organic fertilizer into three kinds. Different kinds of organic fertilizer adopt different organic fertilizer processing techniques in production.
bio-organic fertilizer production equipment

The first is granulation of microbial inoculants mixed with organic materials and inorganic fertilizers. In the production of this bio-organic fertilizer, the fermented compost is precisely proportioned with microbial inoculant and NPK inorganic fertilizer according to the formula. After proportionally mixing through the proportioning system, the bio-organic fertilizer is uniformly put into the organic fertilizer granulator for granulation, and then dried, cooled and screened.

The second is microbial inoculant mixed with organic fertilizer to granulate and then mixed with chemical fertilizer. The bio-organic fertilizer is a mixture of organic fertilizer and microbial inoculant to granulate, and the formed bio-organic fertilizer particles are mixed with chemical fertilizer particles through physical stirring. Compared with the first method, this method of bio-organic fertilizer granulation has more fertilizer mixing treatment, so the bio-organic fertilizer granulation production line has more BB fertilizer blender, bucket elevator and other equipment.

The third one is to add a bag of microbial inoculant to the package of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, and mix the inoculant with organic-inorganic compound fertilizer before applying in the field. The bio-organic fertilizer production equipment used in this way is basically the same as the first one, but the granulation process of bio-organic fertilizer is different. In the batching system of the bio organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer are added to complete granulation and treatment, and inoculants are added to mix when used.