How to process straw with bio-organic fertilizer equipment

A complete set of equipment of bio-organic fertilizer production line can make crop straw into organic fertilizer to realize the recycling of agricultural waste. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment is an environmentally friendly and low-cost way to produce organic fertilizer.
equipment of organic fertilizer production line

Fermentation Technology of Straw Processing with Bio-organic Fertilizer Equipment
(1) The raw material ratio of straw to bio-organic fertilizer should be appropriate. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment processing straw,  and the livestock manure must be added to the straw, and the fermentation of the organic fertilizer can be carried out. In composting straw organic fertilizer, the ratio of raw materials is the key to improve fertilizer efficiency. Generally, 1 kg of starter and 300 kg of livestock and poultry manure are added to each ton of straw. The optimum C/N ratio for microbial growth is 25:1. Therefore, adjusting the C/N ratio of compost raw materials is an effective measure to accelerate maturation and improve the quality of organic fertilizer fermentation.

(2) The moisture content of straw in organic fertilizer production should be sufficient. In composting fermentation, the moisture content of straw usually reaches 60%-70%, which is the key to the success of composting. The composting turner of organic equipment also has the function of regulating water content.

(3) The compost size of bio-organic fertilizer fermentation should be appropriate. If the compost body is too large, the temperature will be too high. On the contrary, if the compost body is too small and the fermentation degree of organic fertilizer is not enough, which will affect the quality of the compost. Organic compost is generally composted into cuboids or semicircles with a width of 3-4 m and a height of 1.5-2 m. The length of compost depends on the number of materials and site size. When the heap reaches the predetermined requirement, compact and pat, cover the surface with soil and plaster to keep water, heat preservation and nitrogen, and prevent nutrient loss. Fermentation time of organic fertilizer is generally 2-3 weeks.
process of bio-organic fertilizer production line

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment
Fermented organic fertilizer can be sent to the bio-organic fertilizer production line for further processing of fertilizer. We provide a complete set of organic fertilizer granulation production line, including compost turner, semi-wet material crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, flat-die granulator, rotary drum dryer, rotary drum cooler, quantitative packing machine and other fertilizer production equipment. The compost after straw fermentation enters the bio-organic fertilizer equipment. After crushing, adding other nutrients and active substances, granulating, drying and cooling, the compost is finally packaged into high-quality bio-organic fertilizer and prepared.