Small flat die granulator-organic fertilizer granule machine and feed press

Flat die granulator is a small granular processing machine, which is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation and feed granulation production. The cylindrical hard granules produced by the flat-die granulator are easy to store and transport, slow release of fertilizer efficiency in the soil, and keep granules under water for a long time for fish to eat. Therefore, the flat die granulator is an important granulating equipment in the fertilizer and feed industry. It can be used as both organic fertilizer granule machine and feed press.

Granulation Principle of Flat die Granulator
Flat die is the main part of granulating process of flat die granulator, which directly affects the production cost and particle quality of fertilizer and feed. In the granulating process of flat die granulator, powder material is heated and humidified, extruded by rotating flat-die and pressing roller, and extruded into strips from the inner wall through the die hole, and then cut into the required length of particles by cutting knife.
flat die granulator for organic fertilizer and feed

Maintenance and Cleaning of Flat Die Granulator
In the process of organic fertilizer production and feed processing, it is necessary to clean up the production materials in the flat-die granulator, so as to avoid the material mixing with large sandstone, iron block, iron scraps and other substances. These inclusions in the material will accelerate the wear of the flat die granulator, and a large number of hard impurities will cause the die of the granulator to be subjected to multiple forces, which will cause the flat die to be fatigued. When a force exceeds the strength limit of the flat die, the flat die will be damaged.

Flat-die granulator has the advantages of simple manufacturing process, small size, low cost and wide adaptability to materials. It is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation production and feed processing to save power consumption in production. This small flat die granule machine is suitable for individual farmers and agricultural producers. As an organic fertilizer granule machine and feed press, it has the characteristics of low equipment cost and light weight, and is welcomed by users.