How does flat die granulator produce organic fertilizer

Flat die granulator produces granules by extruding materials. In principle, its power is provided by decelerating motor. The motor is connected with the driving component of granulator through coupling. After decelerating again, the speed reaches the predetermined standard speed. At the same time, the power is transmitted to the spindle of granulator, and the spindle of flat die granulator drives the template and the disc to rotate. The organic fertilizer material is poured into the granulating chamber and the material is about 1 mm thick through scraper foot. With the rotation of the template, due to the friction, the material is extruded by the roller, and is extruded into strips from the dense holes on the template. Two cutting knives on the throwing tray cut the strip material into granular organic fertilizer, and then the throwing tray throws the organic fertilizer granular out of the discharge outlet of the filling tray.
flat die granulatorgranule of flat die granulator
Template is one of the most important parts in flat-die granulator. The structure of template directly affects the shape of organic fertilizer particles. If you need a variety of shapes of organic fertilizer particles, you can choose to design a lot of templates, when you need to change the template, you can produce the required organic fertilizer particles. The through holes of the formwork of flat die granulator are easily blocked by materials. For some organic fertilizer materials with strong corrosiveness, the formwork is also easy to be corroded. Therefore, after the granulation of organic fertilizer, the template needs to be carefully cleaned and maintained to prolong the service life of the template.

Modern agricultural production is gradually developing towards green and pollution-free. Solid granulator is of great significance to fertilizer production. Flat die granulation production has good market prospects in organic fertilizer granulation.