How to adjust the belt of fertilizer quantitative feeder machine

In the production of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, it is necessary to use the powder quantitative feeder to complete the proportion of nutrients in raw materials. The fertilizer mixed in proportion can be made into different types of compound fertilizer by NPK fertilizer granulator.
fertilizer quantitative feeder machine

Adjustment of the belt of the quantitative feeder

1. Under the condition of no-load and consistent operation, the belt must be adjusted to be aligned with the center line of the idler within the range of the entire electronic belt scale. When there is an unbalanced load, the load must be aligned to ensure that the material falls on the belt. Central location.

2. When the belt does not deviate when there is no load and the belt does not deviate when under load, it is required that the belt does not deviate at least within the weighing section.

With the rapid development of fertilizer industry, fertilizer products are more and more abundant, and the nutrients are more and more targeted. In the organic fertilizer making machine, the automatic batching machine can easily mix various raw materials to produce products with different formulations to meet the market demand.