What is the reason of fertilizer granulation failure of drum granulator?


Key technology of granulation in rotary drum granulator

The production of fertilizer granulation by drum granulator is the process of realizing hot granulation by compound fertilizer equipment. By increasing the temperature of the material and increasing the solubility of the salt in the granulating water system, the amount of liquid phase meeting the granulation needs of the material under low moisture content is obtained, the heat energy consumption in the drying process is reduced, and the production capacity of the rotary drum fertilizer granulator is improved. Therefore, the quality of the granulation performance is the key to determine the yield and quality of the rotary drum granulation production of compound fertilizer.

Different from the extrusion granulation method of double roller granulator, the rolling time and frequency of materials in the drum granulator are the primary factors to determine the pelletizing rate and particle roundness. In the process of industrial production, we have encountered the failure of granulation due to the different friction between the material and the cylinder wall of the granulator.

1. The internal surface of the drum fertilizer granulator is smooth, which reduces the friction between the material and the wall of the drum, and weakens the upward movement of the material. The material does not roll, and no particles can be produced. In view of this situation, we can solve it by adjusting the speed of the granulator and installing a small copy board inside.

2. The material in the fertilizer drum granulator is severely stuck to the wall, and the friction between the material in the granulator and the wall of the barrel is increased, which raises the material in the machine too high, causing the material to fall from the top to the formation of particles Irregularities and excessive large particles.
We believe that there are two reasons for this situation: on the one hand, the material is caused by too much viscous materials. In this case, we adopt the process formula of the organic fertilizer making machine to reduce the amount of viscous materials; on the other hand, the drum fertilizer is made The inside of the granulator is not smooth. This situation is solved by changing the internal material and increasing the smoothness of the inside of the granulator.