Organic fertilizer manufacturing process has obvious advantages

The advantage of organic fertilizer manufacturing process is very obvious, it can make some organic fertilizer evenly distributed, and make the nutrition evenly blended, so that the organic fertilizer can play a greater role in the land.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The nutrition of organic fertilizer produced by disc granulator is relatively concentrated. When the fertilizer enters the soil, if it is not well absorbed, it will cause uneven distribution of nutrition. In this way, most of the role of organic fertilizer will be lost, resulting in a piece of land with excessive nutrition and half of the land with too little distribution, so the effect is very unsatisfactory. The function of disc granulator is to granulate organic fertilizer.

After the organic fertilizer is manufactured into a particle shape by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, there are many benefits:
1. Fertilizer particles can make the soil more easily absorb nutrients, so that organic fertilizer can be quickly integrated with the land.
2. Make the nutrient distribution of organic fertilizer evenly.
3. The fertilizer granules are convenient to transport, so we can directly pack them into bags for transportation
4. Convenient storage, the fertilizer is dried and stored in the warehouse, so there is no need to worry about the deterioration or rot of the organic fertilizer.