How to install fertilizer double roller granulator machine?


Working principle of double roller granulator

Various dry powder materials are added from the top of the double roller granulator, and enter the double rollers after degassing and screw pressing. Under the extremely squeezing force of the roller press granulator, the materials are plastically deformed and compressed into flakes. After the flake materials are crushed, granulated, and screened, granular products are obtained.
fertilizer double roller granulator machine


After the double roller granulator arrives at the plant, take the granulator as the main machine, according to the number of units, and cooperate with the organic fertilizer manufacturing process flow chart to install, find out the elevation and horizontal placement. The frame of the roller granulator has a corner hole, which can be installed on the concrete (the fixed vibration amount is small, and it does not need a very solid concrete foundation). The double roller granulator has been debugged before leaving the factory, but it still needs to be debugged after trial. In the daily use of roller extrusion granulator, the lubricating oil system needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly, and the main motor bearing is measured by vibration measuring instrument and infrared thermometer, and the trend chart is formed.