How does the organic fertilizer dryer dry fertilizer

Rotary drum dryer is often used in organic fertilizer production line, which can remove moisture from organic fertilizer particles and make it up to standard. Organic fertilizer dryer can dry many kinds of materials, such as animal manure, organic fertilizer particles, sawdust, barley malt, rapeseed, etc. It is widely used in agriculture, engineering, chemistry, medicine, fertilizer and other fields.
Organic fertilizer dryer is an indispensable equipment in the refined organic fertilizer production line. The finished product is fine. The dried product can be used not only as a medium for cultivating edible mushroom bisporus, but also as feed for turtles, fish, snails, chickens and ducks.

The working principle of organic fertilizer dryer is the convection of hot gas, hot blast stove and other energy devices to provide heat energy. It will generate heat energy in the form of hot gas to transfer to the wet material in contact with it, and at the same time, the cylinder wall and the sheet pass to the material through surface contact. The dryer is tilted so that the material can move backwards under the dual action of its own gravity and the patented drum. Material enters the barrel of the organic fertilizer dryer. Wet material is repeatedly copied and thrown by the sheet on the barrel wall. It contacts and dries with the hot air. Material is evenly heated in the barrel, and eventually evaporates the moisture of the material to achieve the purpose of drying.
organic fertilizer dryer

Organic fertilizer dryer has the characteristics of small investment, quick effect and reliable performance. The drum dryer has a wide range of applications, good uniformity of drying products, and good economic benefits for  organic fertilizer production line. In the organic fertilizer production line process, the material is cooled rapidly matched with fertilizer rotary cooler, the quality of the finished product is good.