Production of bio organic fertilizer

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to the use of animal manure as the main raw material, inoculated with microbial compound microbial agent, using biochemical technology and microbial technology to completely kill pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs, eliminate malodor, use microorganisms to decompose organic fertilizer, convert macromolecular substances into small molecules, and then achieve the purpose of deodorization, decomposition, drying, to produce excellent physical properties, carbon-nitrogen ratio, organic fertilizer with moderate fertilizer efficiency. Bio-organic fertilizer belongs to bio-fertilizer. The difference between bio-organic fertilizer and microbial inoculant is mainly in the aspects of strain, production technology and application technology.
bio organic fertilizer fermentation
The microbial agent is added to the animal manure before fermentation. In the composting process, organic solid wastes such as livestock manure are crushed and screened after fermentation, decomposition, dehydration and deodorization. They can be sold as commercial fertilizer products or used as raw materials in the production of bio-organic fertilizer-inorganic compound fertilizer. That is to say, the products of powdery organic fertilizer production line, can be as the raw materials in the bio organic fertilizer production line. Bio organic fertilizer production line process mainly include mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, and other steps. Organic fertilizer granulator, fertilizer dryer, cooler, screener machine, packing machine are needed.