How to Produce Organic Fertilizer in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Livestock farming produces a large amount of manure. These cheap manure is made into organic fertilizer, which is conducive to the absorption of fertilizer by crops, can improve the quality of crop products and improve the yield of crops. Organic fertilizer production line realizes industrialized process to produce organic fertilizer, simplifies treatment, saves resources and manpower, and improves efficiency.
Organic fertilizer production line processing is mainly divided into two parts, one is compost fermentation, and the other is the finishing of organic fertilizer production line equipment such as organic fertilizer granulator.

Pretreatment of Organic Fertilizer Production Line
The material was put into the fermentation tank and mixed with the prepared fermentation bacteria. The water content of the compost was controlled at about 60%. In the fermentation process, fermentation compost turner is used to control the oxygen exchange of materials. The mechanized treatment of the compost turner makes the material dumped evenly, and improves the production efficiency and dumper quality. Fermentation compost has high organic matter content, which can be granulated by adding other nutrients into the granulator of the organic fertilizer production line.
Pretreatment of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The decomposed compost is sent to the equipment of organic fertilizer production line for secondary processing. First, it is crushed into powder by half-wet material crusher. Before the granulating of organic fertilizer production line, Before the granulation of the organic fertilizer production line, by adding various nutrients in a targeted manner, a series of special fertilizers for various crops such as vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, grain and cotton oil will be formed. The prepared raw materials are fully stirred and granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator. Organic fertilizer granulator is combined with other organic fertilizer production line equipment, and the organic fertilizer raw materials are processed into a granular commercial fertilizer by mixing, crushing, granulating, drying, cooling, sieving and the like.
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