Organic Fertilizer Production Line Technology of Flat Die Granulator

Among many types of granulator, flat die granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator with high efficiency and low granulation cost. Moreover, flat die granulator has small size, small area of organic fertilizer production line and less investment of fertilizer plant.

Technological Principle of Flat Die Granulator
The flat die granulator makes the material into strip-shaped particles by mechanical extrusion. Template is one of the most important parts in flat die granulator. The structure of template directly affects the shape of organic fertilizer particles. Organic fertilizer material is squeezed into the through hole of the template by roller and extruded from the through hole of the die pole after compaction. The shape of the through hole of the template directly affects the shape of the organic fertilizer particles. If you need a variety of shapes of the organic fertilizer particles, you can choose to design a number of templates, and change the template when you need to, you can produce the organic fertilizer particles with the required shapes. Template through-hole is easy to be blocked by materials, and for some highly corrosive organic fertilizer materials, the template is also easy to be corroded until failure. Therefore, when the granulation is finished, the template should be carefully cleaned and maintained to increase the service life of the template.
organic fertilizer production line flat die granulator

Organic Fertilizer Production Line of Flat Die Granulator
Flat-die granulator organic fertilizer production line process is simple, equipment investment is low, commonly used equipment is horizontal mixer, flat-die granulator, ball shaping machine, rotary drum dryer, drum cooler, packing machine. Ball shaping machine is a common auxiliary equipment in flat die granulator organic fertilizer production line. It polishes the granules made by the flat die granulator, smoothes the particles, rounds the shape. Fertilizer granular has beautiful appearance, high strength and good product quality. The ball shaping machine breaks the limitation of the shape of the flat-die granulator and improves the product quality.