How to Produce Organic Compound Fertilizer by Fertilizer Granulation Machine-Disc Granulator

Disc granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulation machine which produces organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer by pelletizing method. The raw material of this granulator has strong applicability. Animal manure, straw and other organic materials can be granulated by this equipment. Fermentation of livestock manure and other wastes is the main raw material for the production of organic fertilizers. They can be combined with inorganic fertilizers into a disc granulator to produce high nutrient and long-term commercial organic compound fertilizers.

Because of the diversity and complexity of raw materials, the disc granulator in the production of organic compound fertilizer, it is necessary to pay special attention to the disc rotation speed, disc inclination angle and sprinkler diameter. Only by adjusting these parameters can the particles be formed well. At the same time, in the organic fertilizer production line, we should pay special attention to the effect of water content on granulation rate and compressive strength of granules, because organic fertilizer has strong water absorption and looseness, so it will also have a greater impact on granulation. In order to improve the product quality of organic fertilizer production line, the first thing is to ensure the particle quality of disc granulator.
Before the operation of the organic fertilizer production line, we should first carry out tests to find out the appropriate disc inclination angle, rotational speed and moisture content in the process of disc granulation, and determine the reasonable operation state of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.
fertilizer granulation machine of disc granulator

Because it contains organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer not only has the advantages of fast efficiency of inorganic fertilizer, but also has the characteristics of improving soil and long efficiency of organic fertilizer. The disc granulator has the advantages of intuitive operation and simple production line. It is a widely used fertilizer granulation machine.